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Wedding Photography
By Neeraj Agnihotri

Capturing Love

"We couldn't help ourselves from staring at all the pictures and every time we looked at one, it was a wow."
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What Are The Various Types Or Styles Of Wedding Photography?

Neeraj Agnihotri is a multi-style photographer and is able to easily adjust his style according to the requirements of the couple. We are mainly going to discuss the styles of modern wedding photography popular these days. If you are confused about what type of photography you need on your wedding day, we suggest that you think about what type of images would you love to see when you are sitting with the love of your life and flipping through the pages of your wedding album in ten years or twenty years.

Don’t forget to include a modern style bridal shoot to capture a bride’s painterly ethereal look. This is one important part of a wedding photography, irrespective of the style you chose, that will never fail in making her happy.

Candid Wedding Photography 

Telugu Wedding Photography India

Candid style of wedding photography is very fun as it captures even those moments that go unnoticed otherwise because, you know, you can’t be present everywhere all the time. 🙂 It’s a pleasurable way to know and cherish how everyone was enjoying the wedding, what the parents of bride were doing when she was getting ready, or how the groom was bewitched when the bride entered, or how the bride enjoyed a moment of solitude during those busy hours of her Haldi ceremony, or what jokes have the groom’s best friend shared with him just before he climbed the horse for Baraat that made him giggle like a little girl, or what the groom said to her bride during those Saat Pheres that made her eyes glittered with joys. 

Consequently, candid wedding photography seems like a very good way to capture all those emotions, fun, wildness and energy of those ceremonies and live them forever.  When the wedding photographer moves unobserved, those candid moments happen without any restraint and are captured beautifully by him. A good candid wedding photographer lets the event unfold naturally which lets you enjoy every moment with your friends and family without getting disturbed. Important thing is that the professional wedding photographer should always take pictures within the context, conveying the true story in the unchanged atmosphere.

If you add few posed pictures in it, it becomes an Illustrative Wedding Photography. An illustrative wedding photographer will try to shoot your wedding just like a usual candid wedding photographer, but will not hesitate to  improve the surroundings when possible to get better results. Good use of lighting is very important in this style of wedding photography. 

Who Would Love Candid Wedding Photography Style?

This type of shoot is recommended for those who like their pictures to stir an emotion. This type of style doesn’t have any posed or directed wedding images; the wedding photos are natural, unposed, vibrant, full of life and store memories for generations to come.

Documentary Wedding Photography/ Photojournalistic Wedding Photography/ Reportage Wedding Photography/ Storytelling Wedding Photography

Documentary Wedding photographer India

So many names for this style of wedding photography!!! What differentiates it from candid wedding photography is that in this the pictures need to carry a story. For example a close up of an unaware bride face is just a candid shot as it doesn’t have any story in it, or if you see a picture of a groom laughing but it doesn’t remind anyone what exactly happened at that time, also lacks a story in it. The complete frames become very important rather than close up shots of people or things in this style.

Sometimes to convert your candid wedding shots into storytelling shots, you might be required to add more than one picture together, sometimes it’s a sequence of even more images than that. These pictures are supposed to tell a story to the viewers without changing the context, a story that not all people are aware of. This type of wedding photography is also known as Wedding Photojournalism. It weaves the pictures together to tell the beautiful fairy tale of your wedding day.

Imagine the father of the bride had just walked into the room and the first time he has seen his darling daughter in her wedding dress; such moment will have a story in itself, that doesn’t need any caption or explanation, which is the most important criteria of storytelling wedding photography. A picture needs to be complete in itself. In this, a documentary wedding photographer is required to continuously anticipate scenes and keep looking for such moments by being extra alert because he is a storyteller who has to use only pictures and not words.

Who Would Love Documentary Wedding Photography Style?

This type of photography is suggested to those who want to store all the intricate details of their joyful and colourful wedding functions in the form of pictures that you can relive later with the help of these images.

Fine Arts Wedding Photography

FIne arts wedding photographer India

A Fine Arts Wedding Photographer is able to convert your normal wedding pictures into a form of visual art that can be hung on the walls like paintings and not just like pictures. Most important thing, apart from an in-love couple, is a photographer’s artistic vision that forms the base of the shoot. This shoot is different from photojournalistic style of wedding shoot as in the later the artistic enhancement of the pictures is not done. Years of experience in fine arts photography, therefore, becomes must for a professional photographer before using this style.

This style involves artistic angles, great use of lighting and even post-production to create those magical pictures. These photographs can even be turned into fantasy scenes if your photographer is experienced in digital manipulation and professional high end retouching. In that case, it becomes Artistic Wedding Photography or Dramatic Wedding Photography. Fine Arts Documentary Wedding Photography is just an extension of Fine Arts Wedding Photography which combines the documentary style of taking pictures with artistic vision of your fine arts photographer.

These creative masterpieces will never look like anyone else’s wedding pictures, thus making your wedding pictures unique. The romantic essence of your wedding is saved in the images that are appreciated for their aestheticism. Unlike other types, these are not just beautiful but also timeless images.

Who Would Love Fine Arts Wedding Photography Style?

If you are a lover of arts, or if you are an artist, or if you wanna make your new journey more memorable by decorating your home with artistic masterpieces from your own wedding; this photography type is what you are looking for. Also, if you are having a theme wedding like boho or bohemian, retro, vintage or any other type, then also it becomes must for you to opt for this one as it will be perfect for Thematic Wedding Photography done by a fine arts wedding photographer. Also, if your wedding planning has put a lot of focus on design, decoration and aesthetics, you should go with this one as all these elements, together with you, are going to form the perfect fine arts pictures. Our take is let’s not waste the ethereal location of your shoot, amazing architecture of your wedding hotel, alluring wedding decoration by your wedding planner, exquisitely made wedding dress by a top class fashion designer and your antique, royal wedding jewellery saved by your mom or grandma for your wedding day by not doing a fine arts portrait shoot. 

Fashion Wedding Photography/ High Fashion Wedding Photography/ Fashion Inspired Wedding Photography/ Editorial Wedding Photography

Fashion wedding photography India

The wedding pictures will have a focus on fashion and glamour and lighting is going to play an important role. The fashion wedding photographer will provide you directions for specific poses and facial expressions to add that perfect fashion magazine style look to your photos. Special emphasis is put on posing, clothes and makeup to set up the mood of the shot.  This style is also known as Modern Wedding Photography.

You need a professional fashion photographer for this who can borrow techniques from the world of high fashion photography and can apply the same to your wedding photography with great expertise, especially to the spectacular bride, groom and couple portraits. The creation of these images has the effect of drawing the viewer in and making them want to be a part of that situation. These images will be upscale, classy, edgy, sexy and will resemble the breathtaking pictures from Editorial Wedding Photography. These images always appear visually interesting, luxurious and will make a statement whenever you will look at them even after many years.

Who Would Love Fashion Wedding Photography Style?

If your wedding dress is unique and beautiful, or if you are a fashionista who is known for her fashion sense, or if you are a model, beauty queen, or someone from the field of glamour whose life revolves around fashion and even ordinary days are filled with fashion shoots, or if you want your wedding photographs to look like as if they have appeared in those high fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper Baazar, then this is the type of shoot for you. Even if you are not a model but always admired the images of fashion magazines and aspired to look like one, the right fashion photographer can help you achieve that look with his artistic poses and photography skills where you will look like a model just out of bridal magazine, so don’t hesitate to let your wedding photographer know about this.

Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Lifestyle Wedding Photographer Mumbai

This style is about artistically describing a couple’s everyday life. The scenes are set up first and then images are taken of candid moments that will happen in such atmosphere. Even though the atmosphere is created one, the pictures are going to have a natural and relaxed look without any direct eye contact with the camera. The lifestyle wedding photographer will provide the couples with details and directions on what to do.  

This style can also be used to reflect your personality in the pictures that generally remains masked in other types of wedding photography. It generally creates offbeat and contemporary images.

Who Would Love Lifestyle Wedding Photography Style?

This is for all those people whose personality forms an important part of them. For those who have a unique individual style that reflects in their day to day life and want to include images of their real self even in their wedding day pictures.   For example, if you want to be yourself and store your happy memories. This is the type of wedding photography for you. This also serves the purpose that generally we never take pictures of an ordinary day, but this style tries to take pictures of your ordinary day be it reading your morning newspaper or sharing a laugh in the garden together over your daily adventures and turning those into extraordinary moments. 

Alternative Wedding Photography/ Creative Wedding Photography/ Quirky Wedding Photography

Quirky Wedding Photographer India

This is the type of photography style that tries to capture unusual and quirky images of the couple. That’s why it is termed as alternative wedding photography; as the focus will be on not to take any normal or regular types of wedding photographs. It may or may not involve photoshop, depends on what the couple is looking for. These images are generally lovey-dovey ones, but on the contrary, these are also fun and cool, and will make you laugh.

Who would love Creative wedding photography style?

If you are one of those rebel couples who doesn’t like anything conventional and formal, or if you are someone who thinks that your personal style is so different to be captured in those traditional wedding pictures, this style is for you. In short, this is for fun and carefree couples.

Destination Wedding photography India

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination weddings are becoming very popular these days as these are unique and the exquisite location doubles the allure of a wedding. It’s a perfect combination of a lovely location, with aneven lovelier couple. You can get hitched by the spellbinding beaches in Goa or can have your wedding with the magnificent mountains of Shimla or Mussoorie in the backdrop. Islands of Thailand or Bali, white sandy beaches of Mauritius, lush forests of Nepal, sandy deserts of Dubai, or the royalty of Rajasthan city – whatever you chose as your wedding location, the right Destination Wedding Photographer will capture the pictures in such a way that will make these foreign lands complement your charm rather than overpowering it.

A photographer is required to take full advantage of the exotic locations that surround him. Sometimes he has to follow even culture-centric or country-centric approach to bring out the beauty of the exotic location.  Every country has brilliant wedding photographers, but in case you are not able to find the right photographer that mesmerises you with his/her style, we are here to help you.

Absolute Fairytales – Weddings by Neeraj Agnihotri, has been mentioned in many publications both print and online. From ‘one of the Best Candid Wedding Photographers’ to ‘King of Candid’, we have been given many titles but we take more pride in our beautiful pictures and the heart warming words shared by our clients.

As per our team, being a part of the happiest day of a family is the best thing about wedding photography. And when we make them relive that day by delivering wedding pictures, as beautiful as the couple in it, makes it even more worthwhile.

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