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"I really can't show you our expressions of that time but we were super excited. He saw each and every image for more than 2 minutes."
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Romantic couple shoot India
romantic couple shoot India

Pre Wedding Photography/ Post Wedding Photography/ Couple Photography

Couple shoot doesn’t mean it is only for engaged couples. It is for everyone who is in love and wants to celebrate that heavenly feeling. It can be done to celebrate any type of anniversaries like your first meeting, your first date, your engagement day, your wedding day and various others. It can also be done as a Valentine Day Shoot. The location of the shoot can be either indoor or outdoor, though outdoor is a better idea as the pictures will look more natural with delightful backgrounds.

The wedding day is generally very busy because of so many rituals;, and you hardly get enough time for proper couple pictures. That’s why a pre wedding shoot or a post-wedding shoot is an exceptional idea to celebrate your relationship. As you are not rushing for anything like on your wedding day and you get plenty of time to enjoy being you. And the excuse of a couple shoot not only gives you interesting pictures but you also get to spend unforgettable time with your love! 

If the couple shoot is a pre wedding shoot, booking the same photographer for your pre wedding shoot as well as your wedding will make you more at ease on your big day. Just like our couples who became more our friends than clients; and they had a great time being photographed without any awkwardness. Couple shoots are one of the happiest times in anyone’s life as these are not just fun and exciting but it is also a very amusing way to rekindle your love for each other.

Thematic couple shoot Delhi
creative couple shoot india
romantic couple shoot India
Pre wedding photographer Delhi

Types Of Couple Photography

  1. Casual Couple Shoot

    These shoots mainly revolve around doing activities together that you enjoy, which will bring out your real story. These pictures will show who you are, and what kind of chemistry you share with each other. 

  2. Thematic/ Theme Based Couple Shoot

    It is based on a theme like of your first meeting or date or any other theme that you have chosen.  

pre wedding couple shoot Delhi
Pre wedding photographer Delhi
Pre Wedding Photographer Telangana
Couple Shoot Delhi
Pre wedding shoot Andhra Pradesh
Couple Shoot Telangana

How Is A Couple Shoot Done?

When it comes to doing a wedding shoot and a pre-wedding shoot, later is the one that takes extra efforts, a lot of hard work and endless dedication from a photographer’s team. As it’s not just a job of a photographer but his entire team. For couple shoot you need to have a vision first and your team is the one that helps you in this creative conceptualisation of your vision.

Preparation starts with the finalising of a proper location, as it adds a lot to the romantic theme that you are trying to build up. Once the location is done, an expert make-up artist is asked to give the couple a desired look matching the theme. A stylist plays a vital role in bringing alive the entire conceptual idea. Theme based pre wedding shoots are just like working on the script of a new film, every time with new characters. To make that film successful, you need to play with your imagination so as to add the oomph factor to that romantic shoot.

What Can Be The Theme of My Couple Shoot? 

There must be one particular romantic movie that you watch over and over again. The characters from which make you drift away to a land of your imagination, where movie scene remains the same but you and your partner replace the starring cast. The Team of Absolute Fairytales will not only recreate these scenes but will also bring it alive for you. Apart from this, we also create our own original themes, as original is always interesting. In case, you have any theme in your mind, we would be happy to work on it too.

What Will Be The Location For My Couple Shoot?

Locations are mainly decided as per the requirement of the shoot. And our team doesn’t mind travelling for giving the themes as realistic touch as possible.

What Types of Attire Do I Need?

Again, it is also dependent on the finalised theme. Our stylist will guide you in this regard. If your wardrobe doesn’t have anything that we require, our stylist will arrange it for you – be it a dress, accessory or any prop. 

What Are Your Couple Package Charges?

Couple shoot package generally depends on the number of themes selected, and location finalised for the shoot. Get in touch with us to get your customised quote or to clear any of your doubts.

couple photographer Delhi

Our Team

We have a very dedicated team from Indian cinema for these kinds of shoots. All the team members are very experienced in the areas related to art direction, set making, makeup and styling. They work on everything very minutely and devotedly to make any couple shoot a memorable one.

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Pre Wedding Photographer Delhi
pre wedding shoot Delhi

Absolute Fairytales – Weddings by Neeraj Agnihotri, has been mentioned in many publications both print and online. From ‘one of the Best Candid Wedding Photographers’ to ‘King of Candid’, we have been given many titles but we take more pride in our beautiful pictures and the heartwarming words shared by our clients.

As per our team, being a part of the happiest day of a family is the best thing about wedding photography. And when we make them relive that day by delivering wedding pictures, as beautiful as the couple in it, makes it even more worthwhile.

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