Candid Wedding Photography Of Jaimala Ritual in Hindu Weddings

Candid Wedding Photography Of Jaimala Ritual in Hindu Weddings

The true essence of any Indian wedding lies in its traditions and customs like Jaimala, Saat Phere, Talambralu, Haldi, Mehendi and many other. There are plenty of them and each ritual carries deep meaning. An expert in Candid Wedding Photography will make sure that all the significant rituals of your wedding day are captured in beautiful pictures without any mistake. No blurring of the image! No out of focus couple! No weird expressions of guests! These rituals hold immense importance and meaning and are a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Therefore, a photographer has to make sure that all these are saved in pictures in a way that they would love to see later in their life.

Varmala Or Jaimala Ceremony

The origin of this ritual lies in old Hindu Vedas. It’s about exchanging the garlands which are made of pious flowers between the bride and the groom. This happens after the Baraat reaches the wedding venue.
When the groom arrives the wedding location, the mother of the bride welcomes him with traditional aarti done with a puja thali. She also applies tilak to ward off any evil eyes. His family and friends are also welcomed by everyone and flowers are showered on everyone. After this, the groom heads for the main stage where he waits for his bride to come. The bride arrives with a garland in her hand, and her bridesmaid and other family members by her side. They both then exchange the garlands. 

The ritual of exchanging the garland is not as simple as it seems. There is a lot of playfulness and fun involved in it. They both teasingly try to make it hard for the other to put the garland around the neck. Family and friends of the groom lift him up, and in turn, bride’s party also does the same. This is what makes it the most awaited moment of the wedding. Everybody surrounds the couple at this time to enjoy the ceremony,

Significance Of This Ritual

It mainly signifies that the bride has accepted the groom as her husband and similarly, the groom has also accepted her as his wife. It shows their acceptance of their holy union. Furthermore, it starts the beginning of other wedding day rituals.

Candid Wedding Photography Of Varmala Ritual

It is one of the most awaited moments in Indian Hindu wedding and a good picture of this occasion, thus, becomes a must. The timing of taking this picture is the most important factor because so much action is happening at that time. And an experienced photographer will make sure that not only the action is captured, but also the reaction. This will be responsible for making the picture most memorable one.

The difficulty comes because there is a big crowd surrounding the couple. As a result, in addition to time, the angle of the photograph also becomes very important.  You can’t disrupt the natural flow of events that day by asking people to move and give way to you. You will let everyone enjoy themselves and will be still able to capture that amazing shot. Afterall, that’s the sign of a good candid wedding photographer!

Candid Wedding Photography Varmala Ritual

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