Why We Love Talambralu Ritual Of Telugu Wedding?

Why We Love Talambralu Ritual Of Telugu Wedding?

Telugu weddings from the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are very colorful, fun and grand affair. Just like North Indian weddings, even Telugu weddings last for many days. Every day is full of many beautiful rituals including Talambralu. Out of all, Talambralu or Thalambralu, no doubt, is one of the fun rituals we have ever covered in our journey as a team of wedding photographers.

What is Talambralu Ritual?

This ritual is generally followed after the mangalsutra tying ritual. In this, the bride and groom sit facing each other and then shower one another with yellow colored rice which is known as Talambralu. Talambralu is normal rice mixed with turmeric and saffron.

What does Talambralu Ritual signify?

It means the couple’s desire for happiness, enjoyment and contentment in their married life. It is for the blissfulness of their new chapter.

Why Is It fun to Capture Talambralu As A Wedding Photographer?

What makes this ritual very amusing to a candid wedding photographer and also to the viewers, is the playfulness of the couple exhibited while participating in this. In the starting, the bride and groom are taking turns to shower the colored rice on each other. But soon this turns into an entertaining and competing activity which is very fun to watch and even more fun to capture through a camera’s lens.
The bride’s and groom’s team are beaming with enthusiasm and it becomes one of those activities where every family members start enjoying. Not just the family members, even the guest are not able to take their eyes off the newly married couple who is encapsulated by the energy of this interesting ceremony.

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