Bridal Jewellery Photography

Bridal Jewellery Photography

Wedding photography never feels complete without some high-level bridal jewellery photography showing all the intricate details and aesthetics. Even if we are hired for candid wedding photography, we never shy away from taking some amazing pictures of the jewellery of a bride; because unarguably this form an important part of her wedding day memories.

Bridal Jewellery As An Important Part Of Her Trousseau

Bridal jewellery is an important part of wedding shopping in India and is known to make the look of a bride complete. Indian jewellery doesn’t comprise of just rings, earrings and necklaces, but it has a long list of other items like maangtika, waistbands (kamarband), bangles, armlets, anklets (payal), and many others. Even though the other metals are gaining popularity these days, but the charm of gold jewellery still remains untarnished.

Why A Wedding Photographer Should Not Skip Bridal Jewellery Photography?

This collection of jewellery is not like any other you have or you are going to have in future. The bridal jewellery have the power of storing memories, and sentiments in them. When you see your wedding necklace after many years, the fond remembrances of your wedding day will come rushing towards you. All you will be thinking will be about that beautiful day and how you felt wearing these.

Many Indian mothers still use wedding jewellery to show their eternal love for their daughters. Parents are saving these items of jewellery for her since long. At other times, these items are passed down from one generation to another as a part of the legacy. That’s why, the memories associated with them are special. As wedding jewellery will bring back the memories of all those people who once received that jewellery as an heirloom from their parents. It will not only bring back the memories of you mother, but also the stories she shared about her mother when she received her wedding jewellery from her.

We have heard many times a bride-to-be saying that “This jhumka was worn by my grandmother and my mother on their respective weddings. And now I am going to wear it on my wedding.” or a groom-to-be saying “These bangles have been in our family for many generations and now these will be handed over to my soon-to-be-wife during our pre wedding rituals.” For this reason, it becomes must to preserve the rich heritage of the wedding jewellery in the forms of everlasting pictures.

We have had the pleasure of meeting brides from various parts of India, but one thing that we couldn’t help but notice was the sparkle in their eyes, when they adorned themselves with their bridal jewellery in their getting ready bridal shoot. They were in a different world altogether for some time. Maybe recalling one of the many stories they heard so far about their jewellery, or may be thinking about the love their parents showered her with when they surprised her with these.

Do you have any such wedding jewellery that brings back some old beautiful memories? Share it with us in the comments below.

Bridal Jewellery

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