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Kids Photography As a part of candid Wedding Photography

Kids Photography As a part of candid Wedding Photography

Even though we are a team of professional wedding photographers from Delhi, seeing children in weddings make us run after them and capture their honest expressions through our camera.

Why we love kids photography?

We have met the calmest kid, and we have also met the naughtiest kid, at so many weddings that we have covered. But none of them escaped our camera. Their presence brings another level of liveliness in a wedding, and same goes to the wedding photographs. These pictures are not just cute and adorable, but also make you go awwwwwwwwww.

The reason why we love taking photographs of children in a wedding, apart from their parents’ requests, is their innocence. They are comfortable with themselves and also, with being in front of a camera. They don’t know much about posing, therefore, all the emotions are genuine which gives us some of the best candid shots.

What is the biggest Challenge of kids Photography?

The toughest part of children photography is capturing the picture at the right time because once they lose interest in getting photographed, you won’t get those same emotions again (like we said earlier they don’t know how to fake). You have to shoot them as they are. No 10 best children poses, or 20 best poses for family pictures or any other such list work for them. Best shots are therefore candid in this case; and timing plays a crucial role. Sometimes we try to engage them in a shoot by sharing some idea, but in the end we both end up working on their ideas which we find even better.

Why parents need to have their kids’ photo shoot?

People say children grow fast and that’s why, you need to take as many pictures as you can, and we totally agree with that. As a parent, it’s a good idea to capture their true spirit and the cutest things they do, in those timeless pictures. Their personality changes a lot as they grow up and these pictures help in preserving memories of that time.

What’s your reason for clicking children in a wedding? Let us know in the comments. 

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