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A Reminiscing Indian Bride

A Reminiscing Indian Bride

I was walking down the aisle dressed up in deep red colour. Simply looking like a fairy of my mother’s eyes. My attire inflicted all the hues of love and fidelity.

As I moved further to cross the threshold, there were two stairs. I stepped on to the first stair.




I paused for a moment.

I couldn’t resist noticing the sight, all the arrangements my parents had done for my Wedding day. Our special day! A tear of joy suddenly erupted in my eyes bringing several evocative in my mind.

My friends hurriedly came with the Odni, and covered me under its shadow. My brother approached closer and held my hand to help me take another step. Another leap. I took the other step too. Again, I paused deliberately. Not because my dress was heavy or I was exhausted of the previous chores, but, the second step made me realize that I’m moving forward into the second phase of my Life. Marriage.

I slightly tilted my head upwards and looked clearly towards my husband. That one person, who’ll be responsible for me from now on. That one person, I’ll be responsible for from now on!

I took a deep breath and finally stepped onto the carpet of rose petals. My parents, always dreamt to see me walking on a floral path; especially Roses. My mother’s favourite! Rose do have thorns, but their fragrance is more pleasant, so much so that the harshness of thorns is overpowered by its beauty. That one walk from the aisle till the Mandap appeared to be the longest walk I ever had. It was like, walking across the seven seas for a thousand years. All the flashbacks and reminisces crippled my heart, as I approached closer with each passing moment.

Finally, I reached. My old, fragile father extended his hands towards me. It reminded me of my childhood immediately. How he used to extend his hands to lift me up in the air. The feeling was miraculously uncanny… I was now, out of the shadow of Odni, which my friends and my brothers held for me. Now, I was under a much larger shed. A shed that, covered both of us. Me and My soulmate.

The ambience was calm and composed, the chants of hymns made it melodious. We religiously followed all the ceremonial proceeding. Took the Pheras.

With each circle, our bond grew stronger.

With each circle, I nurtured passion for him.

With each circle, He became tender towards me.

With each circle, our fears vanished.

With each circle, we trusted each other more.

With each circle, we became inevitable.

With each circle, we vowed togetherness. Not just for one lifetime, but seven!

Finally, all the customs were done.

Our manifestations were made.

We were tied in the relationship of affection.

The infinite Love.

I, intrinsically promised myself to always look after him and our family.

I promised myself that I’ll never tarnish the upbringing of my parents.

I promised myself to understand and encourage him through all the odds of his life.

I promised myself to love him honestly. With all the compassion and passion.


I was now parting ways with my family. The family which gave me Life. The family, which taught me the meaning of Life… I embraced all my family members. I couldn’t leave my mother’s hand at all! My little brother, whose favourite job was prodding me all the time with his creative and highly irritating nuances was wailing endlessly. My father, with his strong hands escorted me towards the Doli. In my ears, he whispered “You are the best daughter darling! We love you so much.”

Amidst the tears, a very magical smile emerged on my face.

A smile, indicating the strength to admire and explore the newness in my life.

An enchantingly fresh beginning.

– Nishtha Kumar
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