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Wedding Photography & Wedding Cinematography By Neeraj Agnihotri

A wedding is once in a lifetime thing; as a result, everything about it needs to be special – be it your wedding dress or your wedding photographer. There are various types of wedding photography & cinematography styles, and we understand sometimes it ends up confusing you when you have to prioritize one style over other because all these styles have their own charm. Sometimes the answer to what type of wedding photography you need is not as simple as I need candid wedding photography, sometimes the answer is I need candid wedding photography and also some fine art portraits to add to the beauty of my first home in the form of eye catching art pieces (because you are a couple who loves arts or maybe you are marrying an artist who admires arts!), sometimes the answer is I need photojournalistic wedding photography with few high fashion magazines type bridal and groom editorial pictures (because you lived, loved and adored  fashion), sometimes the answer is only candid wedding photography with Bollywood, Tollywood etc. style wedding video (because you know you are a die hard Indian movies fan!), and sometimes the answer is,Which one would you suggest?”

If you are one such couple, we would be happy to talk to you about your wedding day planning. From candid style of photo capturing to mixed of various photography styles, from documentary wedding video making to cinematic wedding film, you can include whatever you want in your wedding photography package as we are a team of experienced and skilled  people from various fields (Read more about us!) who are able to photograph the same moment in innumerable ways.

That’s why we like giving our couples complete information about wedding photography, wedding cinematography, wedding photography styles, wedding cinematography styles and many other related topics from our side because many times you are not even aware of what you want (like Yoda said! :).) And sometimes those photography related terms are so new and by the time you learn about those definitions, it’s already late and you wish you can travel back in time to your wedding day and request your wedding photographer to also include that.  Hope all this information will make you informed and clearer about what you are exactly looking for in your future wedding pictures and wedding videos.

We are admired for our sensually elegant and enchantingly sophisticated bridal photography and fine arts photography. 

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Our Happy Couples

South India candid wedding photographer

Being a team of professionals, appreciation is something that keeps us running, and inspire us to do even better. Nothing will make us happier than hearing from the people who made us a part of their most special day. The one thing that has not changed in many years in our work is the love we receive from our couples. We are a lucky team who don’t receive a line or two from them, but big letters to let us know how happy they are with their wedding pictures and cinematic wedding films. Below are few of the many letters that we have received:

A Letter From A Happy Bride

pre wedding photographer Delhi
Nivedita Biswal Sonwani and Abhishek Sonwani

Hi Neeraj,

Writing to you after a long time. Hope you are good and your team is having some amazing shoot this time of the month. I thought of writing a testimonial but that will not suffice whatever I wanted to write down as that again had to be brief. I thought of writing you a letter and share my feelings before our pre-wedding shoot and wedding.

10 months back before our Wedding Day, I was sitting in front of my computer scanning down every possible name in the world of wedding and candid wedding photography. We were having the most amazing time of our life and I wanted to cover each emotion of love, pain, fun etc. with utmost care and beauty for the rest of our life. I was going crazy searching for a candid photographer. Some names that I found had very high rates and there were few whose work I didn’t like, some seemed very unprofessional to talk to and with rest, we could not connect much and share our feelings etc. It was just not working out. Everyday Abhishek and I used to sit, call each photographer, talk to them and then it was like “Naahhh”. The Wedding day was coming close by and I was thinking about our pre-wedding theme shoot and many more. I was growing nervous with each passing day, as time was less, and it was just 25 days left for the wedding and there was no sign of finalizing a photographer yet. Of course, the kind we wanted. We were on the verge of finalizing one photographer with little heart, and then suddenly that morning I came across your page on Facebook. We liked the fashion portraits you had captured. It was brilliant, but a doubt came to my mind “Will this guy be able to cover up the pre-wedding shoot and wedding well?’’ He seems to be more into fashion photography and I couldn’t find much of your wedding work on Facebook, except a few which we both really liked. The kind of photographer we were looking for was found, but the doubt still lingered.

With our instinct giving a nod we decided to finalize you but voila the dates, yes the dates had to be fixed and more important was your availability on that day. Being a wedding season, photographers were booked in advance since months back. With little hope, we had a talk with Dheeraj Sharma and found him really professional and nice and yes the dates that we wanted were available. Oh, I was so happy. Then we had a little chat with you. I remember telling Abhishek, this guy Neeraj, is so down to earth. He seems so familiar. We could connect with you guys well. With all yes, no’s, the dates were finally fixed. But for some reasons we had to cancel, reschedule the dates, place, time and I remember you guys managed it so well without any complaint. Thanks for understanding us.

8th February 2014. There it was. Finally the pre-wedding shoot day arrived and we were in Connaught Place, Delhi. Meeting you guys, sharing our story with you over a cup of coffee was really amazing. You seemed more of a friend rather than a typical professional photographer. With just one day I had so much of themes coming across my mind. Well thanks to you, Dheeraj and Dhirendre Khandelwal who took the headache. You guys managed it so well, and more than that took care of us. Just a mere thanks is a small word in front of that.

We came back after the shoot and from day one I was waiting for the photographs. I was so anxious. I remember bugging you all the time.  And then there it was. Pictures arrived after a long wait of two weeks and I really cannot write the emotions in words when I saw those photographs for the first time. Just to sum up in one line. “You made our day”. Wow! They were so beautiful, amazingly captured.

I felt like I was seeing some Bollywood posters, actually a lot better than those. The moment I uploaded on Facebook aha, compliments poured in.

My friends were going gaga asking me who is the photographer? And then there was the wedding and the photos, the albums you sent and the rest they say is history.

You have given us beautiful memories, Neeraj. Those pictures are priceless. You gave us our own 2 States movie poster. A thanks is all I can say. Those amazing moments and days will never come back, but yes the pictures will remind me each and every moment back then.

And yes, I would love a post wedding session soon and old couple shoot some 25 years down the line. Do drop by for a get together and a cup of coffee if you come across my place sometime. We would love to meet you guys.


You are fondly remembered.
From one of your brides and grooms:
(Nivedita Biswal Sonwani and Abhsihek Sonwani)

A Letter From A Happy Bride-To-Be

Engagement Photographer Delhi
Akanksha and Amit
letter from bride-to-be

Hello Neeraj and the team of absolute fairytales!

Well while choosing a photographer for my engagement I had done a lot of research and before approaching Neeraj I was well aware of his expertise.’ so knew that he is gonna bring a lot of fashion quotient into the pictures. 

The most comfortable thing of the entire photoshoot was that we are not even being asked for a single pose and we were set completely free to enjoy the moment which can be seen in the pictures that how beautiful & natural they have come. 

I Would like to thank all of you for making Amit more handsome,me so beautiful and making the moment just perfect in the pictures . And the cinematic video is simply wow ! was quite touched watching it. You guys have done a marvelous job by integrating with such beautiful moments & the beautiful song in it. ( The most creative part of the video is when my gown touches the floor while stepping out of the car...Kudos man!)

From – Akanksha Yadav


Absolute Fairytales – Weddings by Neeraj Agnihotri, has been mentioned in many publications both print and online. From ‘one of the Best Candid Wedding Photographers’ to ‘King of Candid’, we have been given many titles but we take more pride in our beautiful pictures and the heartwarming words shared by our clients. He is also a fashion & advertisement photographer based in India.

As per our team, being a part of the happiest day of a family is the best thing about wedding photography. And when we make them relive that day by delivering wedding pictures, as beautiful as the couple in it, makes it even more worthwhile.

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