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Every wedding is so special in itself with its own share of unique and vibrant customs and traditions. Be it exchange of the rings showing that their hearts are connected, doing "Saat Phere" where each circle represents a matrimonial vow, marrying under a wedding canopy (chuppah) that signifies a new home together or be it joining of hands as in "Hâthevâro". One standardized package can’t capture the beauty of different kinds of weddings celebrated all over the world. So, wedding packages are customized as per the requirement of the client. Irrespective of the uniqueness of each wedding, there are few elements that still remain fixed in most type of wedding packages.

Functions Covered

Each and every function, whatever you want to be covered/ as chosen by you in your wedding package.

Hours & Days Involved

From few hours to many days. Minimum package starts from INR 40,000 for 4 hours. 

Pictures Offered

It will vary as per the number of functions covered. But generally you will get at least 300+ quality photographs for one day wedding shoot.


Post processed HD photographs (Having vast knowledge of photo processing and a great eye for detail, each picture is worked upon by our team very minutely. Thus, providing you in the end not just random far-from-perfection shots but something flawless, really beautiful and worth keeping.)

Main Attraction

Fashion Bridal/ Groom Portraiture Shoot. In addition to Bride/ Groom Getting Ready for the wedding, it will also cover the jewelry shoot and the wedding attire shoot. (If you want the portraiture shoot for both bride and groom, please specify that while contacting us.) 


1) Kodak or Canvera Coffee Table Book/ Wedding Albums
2) Theme Based Pre Wedding Shoot (5 Themes)
3) Boudoir Shoot

Wedding Package Price

It will vary as per the above specifics. (Please be as specific as you can while requesting a quote, it will help us in understanding your requirements and designing you wedding photography package in a better way.)

Note - Traveling and accommodation charges will be extra.

Team of Absolute Fairytales is always travelling because of the work, so in case we are in your city you can meet us over a cup of coffee to discuss all your requirements, expectations from your wedding photographer, doubts that you have in your mind or just to chitchat. So, say Hello now. :)


Couple Shoot | Pre-Wedding Shoot Prices

Pre-Wedding Shoot/Anniversary Shoot/ Valentine's Day Shoot/ Couple Shoot (Theme based) - 5 Different Themes 40+ Best Pictures

Destination based Couple Shoot - 7 Different Themes 60+ Best Pictures

Couple Shoot Photography Team – We have a very dedicated team from Indian cinema for these kinds of shoots. All the team members are very experienced in the areas related to art direction, set making, makeup and styling. They work on everything very minutely and devotedly to make any couple shoot a memorable one.

Theme of the Couple Shoot – There must be one particular romantic movie that you watch over and over again. The characters from which make you drift away to a land of your imagination where movie scene remains the same but you and your partner replace the protagonists. The team of Absolute Fairytales will not just only recreate the scene but also will bring it alive for you. Apart from this, we also create our own original themes as original is always interesting. In case, you have any theme in your mind, we would be happy to work on it too.

Location – Locations are decided as per the requirement of the shoot. And our team doesn’t mind traveling for giving the themes as realistic touch as possible.

Attire – Again, it is also dependent on finalized theme. Our stylist will guide you in this regard. If your wardrobe doesn’t have anything that we require, our stylist will arrange it for you from dresses, accessories to any props. Couple shoots are one of the happiest times in anyone’s life as these are not just fun and exciting but it is also a very amusing way to rekindle your love for each other. 

Package Cost -

Packages starting from INR 35,000.

Destination based Couple Shoot packages start from 50,000 INR.

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"We loved all the pictures as every picture taken by him has got its own story to tell in a way that makes us overwhelmed with emotions."- Happy Absolute Fairytales Bride & Groom