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While choosing a photographer for my engagement, I had done a lot of research and before approaching Neeraj, I was well aware of his expertise. I knew that he is gonna bring a lot of fashion quotient into the pictures. The most comfortable…

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Exploring Wedding Traditions In Orissa

Weddings in Orissa normally take place in the months of March, April and June, and are conducted in the midst of detailed rituals, customs and community celebrations.  The state is synonymous with natural beauty and richness. I recently covered this wedding that was a blend of chhatisgarhi and Oriss…

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Capturing The Beauty Of A Traditional Telugu Wedding

After my arrival at Bangalore, there was an enthralling road trip to Anantpur waiting for me.  A journey via National highway 44 or National Highway 7, one that connects north india to south india, was as beautiful as the wedding destination Anantpur.  The region of Anantapur is a blend of modernisa…

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An Oriya & Chhatisgarhi Wedding - Real life Two States

This is a wedding celebration of a couple who belonged to two very different states, a girl from Orissa and a boy from Chhattisgarh. The wedding destination was Bhilai, a very quiet place in the Durg district. The peace of the city was remarkable; very few people can be seen on the roads. Thus it pr…

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Celebrating The Vivaciousness Of A Punjabi Wedding

 Punjabis are known for their passion for life. This very nature of Punjabis is reflected in their wedding celebrations and which is what I witnessed in this wedding at Punjabi Bagh in Delhi. This wedding was a result of beautiful love story of Aanchal and Harsh. They had known each other from tim…

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Hindi Jukebox For Your Weddings

A complete list of Bollywood songs for your Wedding.

1. Balle Balle form “Bride and Prejudice” 

2. Gur Naal Ishq Mitha by Bally Sagoo 
3. Baari Barsi from “Band Baaja Baaraat” 
4. Kala Shah Kala by Anamika 
5. Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai from “Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai” …

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A Wedding That Knows No Religion But Love

“Love is my only religion” I have come across this quote many times, sometimes while flipping through the pages of a book or sometimes while browsing web. When I met Pratibha & Vineet, I found the real meaning of a great saying. Vineet fell in love with Pratibha when he first saw her in 2007. The co…

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Touching Picture from an Indian Wedding Vidaai

Indian weddings are filled with a number of ceremonies and rituals and also filled with a number of overwhelming emotions. Functions start from the joy of new knots that are being tied and end with the tearful ceremony of vidaai where bride leaves her parent’s home. In Vidaai, bride hugs her parents…

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Thinking About You

That wasn’t the first time I ever walked down the lane leading to my house but somehow everything looked so different this time. Had the flowers blossoming there always been so aromatic? Had these trees always whispered softly in my ears while I walked past them?  Had the soft wind always brushed ag…

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Talambralu - Telugu Wedding Custom

A custom followed in Telugu weddings where bride and groom shower one another with Talambralu which is a mixture of rice with saffron and turmeric. It represents happiness, enjoyment and gratification in newly wed’s life. In the starting they take turns to pour the mixture on one another, but soon i…

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Fashion Inspired Candid Wedding Photography

Capturing the spontaneity of a moment or getting that wonderful shot at the right split second of time is what my idea of candid wedding photography is. In such photography you need to be more than just a photographer, you have to use your imagination and anticipate what next event will be unfolding…

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Sumuhurtham – Telugu Wedding Ritual

 It represents the auspicious time for marriage that is pre-chosen. At the auspicious moment ‘Sumuhurtam’, the bride and the groom hold a paste of jaggery and cumin seeds (Jeelakarra Bellamu) while the priest continues reciting shlokas from the Indian Vedas. The cloth veil used at that time as a scr…

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While Hiring a Wedding Photographer

A wedding is one of the toughest and the most significant decision of your life. And once it’s done, it’s the day you would not ever like to forget. But unfortunately we haven’t invented the time machine till now. But do you think there is still a way to get back in time and take pleasure in those m…

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Let's Try Something Different...Let's Try Fashion Bridal Portrait Shoot

It’s a compilation of fashion, glamour and styling that’s applied to your normal bridal portraiture shoot. Wedding is the day when a bride looks no less than a beautiful princess, and as a part of fashion bridal portraiture shoot I ensure that a bride’s magical beauty is preserved in photographs. Mi…

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Indian Bride Getting Ready For The Wedding

There was a phase during one of my wedding shoots when I was walking past the bride’s room; I saw her standing in front of a mirror all lost in thoughts, getting prepared for one of the biggest days of her life. Fascinated by the charm of that picturesque moment, I took my camera out of my bag and f…

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Pellikuthuru/Pellikoduku - Haldi Ceremony in Telugu Wedding

In this wedding ritual at the bride and grooms' respective houses, there is a gathering of all the relatives and well wishers. They then smear them with turmeric paste – Nalugu. It is a mixture of flours, turmeric powder and oils. This is done to cleanse the skin, so that a natural glow is there. T…

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Holding You I Held Everything - Engagement Shoot Delhi

Take my hand and walk me to the dance floor. Let me fall for you again with every step that we take. Let me live the wild romance we shared all those past years once again ,dancing cheek to cheek here with you.
Allow music to take control of us and love be our only savior tonight.

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