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Q: What is your photography style?
 A: To know about the photography style used by the team of Absolute Fairytales, please go through the page Weddings.


 Q: How is pre-wedding/couple shoot done?
 A: When it comes to doing a wedding shoot and a pre-wedding shoot, later is the one that takes extra efforts. It needs a lot of hard work and endless dedication from the entire team, as it’s not a job of just a photographer.  It starts with a vision and the creative conceptualization of the same. Preparation starts with the finalizing of a proper location because it adds a lot to the romantic theme that you are trying to build up.

Once the location is done, an expert make-up artist is asked to give the couple a desired look fitting the theme. Stylist plays a vital role in bringing alive the entire conceptual idea. Theme based couple shoots are just like working on the script of a new film but every time with new characters. To make that film successful, you need to play with your imagination so as to add the oomph factor to a romantic shoot.



 Q: Who forms a part of your team? And who will shoot our wedding?
 A: The team of Absolute Fairytales has experts from various fields. Our team comprises of fashion photographers, candid wedding photographers, photojournalists, cinematographers, documentary movie makers, editors and retouching artists. Apart from them, we also have art directors and stylists who help us in making the shoot as magical as possible. We also have assistants as having an assistant frees our experts up to focus on their work without getting disturbed. Who all will be present on your wedding depends on the package chosen by you. Art Directors are mainly present on theme based couple shoots and cinematographic video making.

If you have chosen a premium package, the shoot will be especially done by Neeraj Agnihotri.


Q: Where is your team based?
A: Even though our team is based in Delhi, we are available for shooting worldwide.


Q: What does a wedding session cost?
A: Wedding packages depend on number of hours and days involved, number of events to be covered, and type of photography or any other service chosen. To get your quote please visit Wedding-Packages.


Q: Will team of Absolute Fairytales travel?
A: Our team loves to travel and discover different cultures. We generally arrive at least one day before the event so as to ensure that unexpected travel delays do not make us late or miss your big day. Let  us know where you are and we’ll figure out the best way to make our team available for shooting your special day at your desired location.


Q: Do you charge for travel?
A: Being a Delhi based team any wedding assignment outside Delhi will involve extra charges. We will work with you to determine the appropriate fee to cover our travel and accommodation expenses.


Q: How far in advance should the clients book your services?
A: We would suggest that you should do booking at least 2-4 months before the big day. It helps you in blocking the desired dates and it helps us in planning your day well in advance. We prefer not taking assignments on short notice.


Q: When will I get to see my wedding photos?
A: Your photos will usually be ready within 3-6 weeks following the wedding. We go through a cautious process of selecting the best images from the day and processing each of them with utmost care, which makes it worth the wait.


Q: Is there any third party involved in the post processing of images?
A: No. Team of Absolute Fairytales has many expert photo editors and retouching artists. They carry a great sense of aesthetics in post-processing work and retouching of images and thus no third party is involved in any type of post processing work. What you get as the end product are quality photographs to be cherished forever.


Q: How much is the advance payment? 
A: 50% advance for blocking the dates is required, without which dates are kept open for taking any other assignments on the same day. Your booking is only confirmed after that. It thus helps you in securing our team for a particular time and date.


Q: When is my final payment due?
A: Full payment of the remaining balance is required to be made at the time of the shoot or no later than the delivery of images. 


Q: Do you offer albums?
A: Yes, customized as per the client’s requirement. You are free to choose any brand (Kodak or Canvera) and to add any feature in your wedding album.


Q: Does your team sometimes book itself for more than one wedding in a day? 
A: Never ever. We only take selected assignments, and give our all efforts in working dedicatedly for the same. Quality is better than quantity after all.


Q: Does your team retain the copyright of the photos/videos?
A: Yes, as your professional wedding photographer/cinematographer, our team will retain the copyright of all your wedding images and videos. 


Q: Do you reserve the right to publish the photos?
A: All your photos are going to be so beautiful, so why not share.


Q: What happens after I pay my deposit?
A: Once we receive your deposit, We will acknowledge the receipt of the same via email and book your dates. 
About one month before your wedding day, We will contact you for a meeting so that we can plan and outline a photography/video making schedule and locations for your wedding shoot/cinematic video shoot. This will help us in delivering you exactly what you are looking for. Your photography/cinematography related responsibilities are over now and team of Absolute Fairytales will take care of the rest.


Q: When does the team of Absolute Fairytales typically meet with clients?
A: We take only selected assignments in a year and for those assignments, we like knowing our clients well in advance. We are available by appointment during any business day. Most of the time a meeting with the client is not possible because of the distances, in that case, phone calls prove more convenient. 


Q: Do you also provide Traditional Photography & Traditional Videography? 
A:  Traditional Photography and Traditional Videography are NOT a part of Absolute Fairytales.  We believe in maintaining the quality of fashion inspired candid wedding photography and cinematography,  but sometimes we do arrange them as per our client’s requirements.  


Q: Can I also get raw pictures or full dump of images from the shoot?
A: We work on each picture individually to make sure that what you get in the end is something beautiful and worth keeping. Providing our clients with best photographs is our sole purpose. Keeping in consideration that quality matters than quantity, you will get only the selected quality images from the shoot.


Q: Any other thing to be done from our side?
A: We would encourage you to introduce all the important family members and friends to our team so that extra focus can be given to them while capturing the moment.


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