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Absolute Fairytales is a premium wedding photography service that combines the magnificent elements of wedding industry, fashion Industry and film-making industry. Absolute Fairytales makes your fairytale come true by weaving your love story into the beautiful wedding photographs. Though Absolute Fairytales is based in Delhi, but we are available to shoot at all the places in India & worldwide. We work on everything very minutely and devotedly to make any type of shoot a memorable one; thus giving meaning to the famous phrase "happily ever after" and making any love story an absolute fairytale. 

 Neeraj Agnihotri, who has founded Absolute Fairytales, is a Delhi based leading Fine-Arts Portraits, Fashion Advertisement Photographer. His first wedding photography experience made him realize that it is one of the best ways to express emotions as wedding is a time when you get an ethereal looking bride and groom, beautifully decorated location and ceremonies with bittersweet emotions. He combined fashion photography and wedding photo journalism with normal wedding photography to form his signature style fashion wedding photography.  



Dheeraj Sharma, who has an eye for the wedding videos, is a professional filmmaker, and has worked as an assistant director on many Tollywood and Kollywood film projects. He is a keen observer of human emotions that makes him capture the wedding moments beautifully. Because of his cheerful personality, all our clients feel comfortable around him. He has the power to convert any wedding shoot to a magical one.

Pooja Agnihotri, who has very well combined her experience and knowledge to make Absolute Fairytales as one of the best wedding services providers, is a marketing professional . She holds a master degree in management from one of the top B-schools of India. She has worked in the sectors of IT, finance and education.   She is an avid reader and enjoys reading almost anything.



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Absolute Fairytales - Weddings by Neeraj Agnihotri, has been mentioned in many publications both print and online for the fabulous work in this field. Our team has traveled every nook and corner of the country to cover all types of weddings and associated colorful rituals to that. To say it again, we revel in the ecstasy of capturing the beautiful emotions that a wedding brings out in everyone attending the joyous ceremony and not just the couple. People are overflowing with the bittersweet memories of that day, which is really hard to store in a photograph, but our team tries to do the best to give you a chance of reliving that day whenever you want. Being a part of the happiest day of a family is the best thing about wedding photography as per our team, but it also feels nice to be recognized every now and then. And not just us, even the brides and grooms, we cover feel delighted to see their pictures being admired. Below are few of the links -


Neeraj Agnihotri Times of India Delhi Times
















On 25th November 2015, Neeraj Agnihotri was on the first page of Delhi Times, Times of India.  


best candid wedding photographer

                                       Wedwise has given Neeraj Agnihotri the title of "King of Candids".


Polka Cafe named Neeraj Agnihotri as one of the Best Black and White Photographers in India.




ShaadiSaga included Neeraj Agnihotri in its list of top Wedding Photographers in Delhi.




SayShaadi mentions Neeraj Agnihotri among 20 of the Best and Most Popular Candid Wedding Photographers from Delhi!




Neeraj Agnihotri again shows in the list of the top wedding Photographers in Delhi.


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