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What If Couple Splits, Picture splits too

It's been really long since I have written a blog as I was way too busy in retouching. Very soon I will be uploading my retouching portfolio pictures and hope you are going to like it.
The reason why I am jotting down my thoughts after a long time is that very recently I was asked a question by someone, and I wanted to share the answer of that with you all.
Couple of days back I was sitting with one of my friends, when all of a sudden she asked me a question that actually made me think.
It was a bit of a sensitive question.
Her question was what actually happens with the pictures of a couple if the couple splits?
It actually took me some seconds to put into words my answer to that. Usually, after a couple shoot I get to hear really nice things from the couple. I have seen some couples being so happy after seeing their pictures that the mere idea that the pictures can give so immense happiness to someone looked so unrealistic to me. One of the brides even said,” I will even contact you after 25 years to thank you for all the pictures that you  have captured of us. These pictures are very precious to us, Neeraj."
Life is very beautiful with a partner who completes you. But unfortunately, sometimes things turn sour and it becomes very difficult to be with that same partner. A situation where everything is same as it used to be earlier but only love goes missing.
But once there was a time when they were madly in love. And I was the one living proof who actually saw that love in those two. And not just I saw that love, but somehow I even managed to click it and capture it in a frame.
Even if they are seeing that particular picture after 40 years, I am sure they will certainly say that the couple in these pictures can make even Romeo and Juliet jealous with their abundant love for each other. 
Think of the best romantic movie you have ever liked. How many chances are there that the couple in the movie are also together in their real life? So be happy it happened; be happy you were in love once. Maybe not you, but others can still find deep emotion of affection and love in those pictures. Even you can. Just remember that this time when you are looking at those pictures, have a look for few seconds more.

Always be grateful, it happened. And I will be happy that I noticed.

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