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Touching Picture from an Indian Wedding Vidaai

Indian weddings are filled with a number of ceremonies and rituals and also filled with a number of overwhelming emotions. Functions start from the joy of new knots that are being tied and end with the tearful ceremony of vidaai where bride leaves her parent’s home. In Vidaai, bride hugs her parents and touches the feet of the elderly relatives as a gesture of asking their blessings for her new phase of life.
 Vidaai symbolises the final stage of the Indian wedding, where parents of the bride bid farewell to their loving daughter. The occasion is marked by both emotions of happiness and sadness. On the one hand feeling of happiness is there as their darling daughter is about to start a new life, on the other hand there is this sadness of being separated from their child  that makes their eyes well up with tears. 

Touching Picture From an Indian Wedding

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