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Theme Couple Shoot - When You Need More Than Just Equipments?

When you are capturing pictures for a theme based couple shoot, you are basically working on an idea that is there in your mind and bubbling hard to come out in form of various themes. Transferring the same thoughts that are lying there in your mind first to your team members and then to your clients is a very hard job. When it comes to doing a theme shoot in fashion industry, things are less complicated as models are very well aware of the art of posing. Experience in the field makes their grasping power quite strong. But when you need to implement the same theme on people outside fashion world, things are not as painless as they seem. Not only artistic posing needs to be done but that too in a very effortless and natural way to bring out the best in your end results. Poses can go from stoic to expressive; from straightforward to complicated theme poses like ones in popular magazines or movie posters. You need to direct everyone from start to end to get that right pose taking care that you are very specific with your requests. Grasping the pose at one go isn’t expected from anyone not even a professional model, so you need to be a little bit more daring and need to pose yourself to make your client understand what you are exactly looking for and imitate it in a better way.
This is the time when a good team takes the entire load off your head. The extra effort and time involved in making others also visualise the same idea in a similar fashion is saved considerably. To make my task easier, I got this amazingly skilled team by my side Dheeraj Sharma and Dhirendra Khandelwal. The duo are a part of glamorous media industry “Lights,Camera and Action” but when it comes to my shoot they are always there as my team, even if it involves little bit scooching of their own schedule and accommodating mine. We are now working together for more than 3 years. It’s because of this significant amount of time that we have worked together on various photo shoots that they are able to grasp my idea and easily convey it to the third person. From styling to concept building, they work hard to make a shoot successful. Keeping everything aside, the most important part of their work as my team member is replicating the couple shoot ideas so that client understands easily what needs to be done. And the ease with which the two pose makes the shoot even more amusing. That’s why when it’s time for couple shoot, my team becomes as critical to me as my equipments.

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