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The Magic of Jewellery and Camera in your Wedding

Indian weddings are a grand, opulent affair.  When you think of a wedding, you think about the elegance of a groom and beauty of a bride. When the bride walks down the aisle, people are in the awe of her aura. She walks towards the man of her dreams gleefully. Some prodigious things separate her from all others in the crowd, the shine on her face, a gleam in her eyes and the jewellery that augments her appearance. An Indian bride looks gorgeous from tip to toe. Jewellery is of extreme importance in all Indian weddings. They are considered to be sacred, and hence a great importance is given to the embellishments of the bride. The Indians believe that jewellery strengthens the sanctity of the newborn bond. Every Indian state has different cultures and it is mirrored from the kind of ornaments wore in Indian weddings. 

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The sparkling diamonds reflect her magnificence. Her earrings whisper the prognosis of her future. Her necklace represents her loyalty. The wedding band on her finger amplifies her heart-beats. Her bangles tell the tale of their first date. Henna on her hands spread the fragrance of their romance.  Her anklets sing the merry songs of love. Her entire bijouterie makes her look like the most adorable person on the earth ever born. Jewels and Weddings are inevitable; both the glitters embellish an event. A photographer paints the jewellery with his camera and that jewellery merely magnifies the bride's smile. The jewellery in Indian weddings has different significance altogether. It represents the auspiciousness in the Indian weddings. The ornaments give her a new shape, bring a sense of new beginning in her. The shining bride entering the hall inflicts pristine energy in the guests as well. .

This one event becomes immortal and all that gold becomes the glitter of the couple's life. For a photographer, it is hard to resist clicking their splendid union - The union of the two souls. There is a different twinkle in their eyes. Photographers click the metamorphosis of this relationship, and the jewels accentuate the beauty of these pictures. It is quintessential for a bride to show her jewellery, get clicked, all smiles. That's how during the harsh days she can remember that once upon a time she did laugh her heart out. Her eyes would grab the intricate details of the jewellery and a reminiscing tear would upsurge from her eyes and bring a real smile on her face. That's what photographers do; they create magic once which is cherished till the end of the couple's life. How can they not be portrayed with our cameras? How can we miss all the shimmer? This is one story, which cannot be left untold. 

A photographer knows the knack to how to personate the wedding into a treasure chest. We are trained that way; we know how to value the feelings and how to give life to each moment you live, how to animate the inanimate. We know how to help you in reliving a time bygone. We know what'll make you smile. And we know the importance of the wedding day. How important it is for the couple and us to get it all right! We are the one you'll remember for knitting the box of joy with reels. To make your wedding in a spellbinding affair is our responsibility. You rely on us and have a bouquet of wonderful photographs waiting for you. The colourful Indian weddings are truly incomplete without ornaments and photographers to click them. Indeed true! 

- Nishtha Kumar

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