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The Girl I Met At the Connaught Place

Delhi is generally very cold in December; the cold wind blowing all over the city can make even your skin numb. One particular day in the month of December last year, I was able to feel that it was the coldest evening of the year. I could see from my car's windshield how people with their busy lives were running from one place to another. I was waiting in my car outside a coffee house where I was supposed to meet a soon-to-be-bride in the next 15 minutes. As there was still time, I decided to park my car and to go inside that coffeehouse. Though she was late but she finally arrived. I could easily see the excitement in her eyes. After an exchange of pleasantries, we started talking. Soon she was telling me her love story about how they met and all other chapters. I really found it very interesting. During that time only, she received a call from someone on her mobile. The talking over the phone started on a very gentle note but soon it turned into an argument. The conversation went for more than 10 minutes. She was controlling bad not to shout on the person on other side and she did succeed in that. After some time, she became quieter with every single line that she was saying. I was all confused and was still trying hard to understand what exactly was going on without having a direct look at her. She finally hung up the phone. I dared to look at her but this time her eyes were blank. All that excitement was lost somewhere. She looked shattered.
 I searched for words to ease the situation but I couldn't. Failed by all possible combination of alphabets, I didn't say anything.
 "I am sorry, I think I wouldn't be requiring you anymore." she said, gave a smile, and then left.
 I was astonished about what I just saw. There were not many people there in that coffeehouse. I was nearly sitting alone, and was thinking about what just happened. I looked outside the glass and I could see the branch of the tree slowly swinging in the cold wind. And I just got drifted off in the thoughts of where did that person go because there was a different who came, and a different person who left.

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