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The Disappointing Shot with Nikon D90


Ever since I started photography, my Nikon D90 has been my first and very favourite camera. Some would consider it as an outdated camera as it was introduced in 2008 but I personally love it. And while I am shooting weddings I always keep it as a backup. Just to save the time lost in changing the lenses while shooting, I usually prefer having 3 cameras. Two of them are held by my assistant who is always around me, and I change them according to the requirement of the scene.

An incident that occurred during a wedding shoot in Chhatisgarh shows how much helpful it proved to me. It was the time of jaimala, when the groom and bride make each other wear garland(Varmala), it is a common tradition forms part of most types of Indian weddings. As the bride and groom arrived to the spot, it became very crowded and it was becoming packed with more and more people as the most awaited moment of the wedding was about to happen. I took my Nikon D90 + 17-50mm lens fixed to it, and tried my best to get into the crowd. The crowd was becoming so dense that it nearly became impossible for me to find my way inside it. But after several efforts I finally made it. And clicked some pictures with the framing + exposure estimate from my mind. As at that instant, it was not at all possible to take a peek through the view finder. After finally coming out of that big gathering of spectators, my assistant asked me with mixed emotions of curiosity and fear , "Did you make it?"

In the starting, I was a bit disappointed because every picture that I had taken during jaimala was according to random probabilities. But once the wedding got over, and I was sitting on my bed in hotel's room and looking at the pictures that I shot that day; the results astounded me. The picture that I clicked in that crowd proved to be one of the best pictures of that wedding. I really felt proud of myself looking at that picture. It was the outcome that came out of nowhere.
Clicked with a Nikon D90 with 17-50mm F/2.8 VC Without any flash
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