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Secret Ingredient Of Long Lasting Marriage


As soon as I finished reading “5 Love languages”, my mind was full of questions. Whether I have found the secret ingredient of happy, long lasting marriage or whether it was just another self help book that you read and forget with time. Dr. Gary Chapman, writer of the book, has got over 30 years of marriage counseling experience. Man with such a vast experience in the field of relationships must be more than just any other writer, he must have got a strong base on which he wrote this book. After all, his advice helped many people fall in love again with their spouses.
Though I think most of the self help book writers have given more or less the same formula, but Dr. Gary has gone a step forward and took the pain of categorizing it into 5 basic love languages. The categorization made it easier for the couples to know where exactly they are going wrong. And he has done this job very skilfully. He categorized the love languages as Quality Time, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service and Receiving gifts. Everyone has got one’s own love language and problems mainly arise in marriage when your spouse has got a different language than yours. All you are supposed to do is to speak the right language to your partner and kaboom, your story will also be written as “Happily Ever After”. To know more how that can be done, do read this book.
The secret Ingredient of long lasting marriage  


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