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Indian Bride Getting Ready For The Wedding

There was a phase during one of my wedding shoots when I was walking past the bride’s room; I saw her standing in front of a mirror all lost in thoughts, getting prepared for one of the biggest days of her life. Fascinated by the charm of that picturesque moment, I took my camera out of my bag and framed it. I framed that perfect moment.
At that instant, I was not certain what she must be thinking while she was looking at her reflection in a bridal attire in that mirror. I pondered for some stretch and deep down I felt it might be something…
“It was just like yesterday…”and all the flashbacks of memories revisited her in that short reflective span. All the beautiful moments of 10 years that made a bridge to reach this point, and finally she got here.
She must have read those fictitious fairy tales when she was young but now, she was the princess of one of her own.
And this beautiful moment was writing “happily ever after” at the end of her absolute fairy tale. 

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