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Fashion Inspired Candid Wedding Photography

Capturing the spontaneity of a moment or getting that wonderful shot at the right split second of time is what my idea of candid wedding photography is. In such photography you need to be more than just a photographer, you have to use your imagination and anticipate what next event will be unfolding in front of you while shooting a wedding. You have to think ahead of time as that only will give you greater candid results. Such shots will produce the images that will no longer be less than a time machine. Though it can’t make you travel in future, but surely in the happiest days of your past. It will make you walk down a memory lane as your candid wedding photographer will give you images that will tell a fuller story than could have been told by your posed photographs. These are the photographs that are more interesting than passive shots of people doing nothing, as it adds depth and also emotions in your wedding day pictures.
My educational background in Journalism & Mass Communication gives my photography style a touch of photojournalism or documentary wedding photographer. It has given me good knowledge about capturing candid moments, associated emotions and also every minute detail of your wedding day. I know very well how not to let any emotion escape from my camera’s eye. And my professional background in fashion photography helps me in incorporating elements of that discipline to my candid wedding photography. I understand very well the usage of lights and style quotient. I use light not just to set the mood of the shoot but also to give the required depth to any image. It also adds the originality of concepts in my capturing style.

That’s carves out my signature fashion inspired wedding photography or high fashion wedding photography style. This genre of photography borrows several unique fashion photography techniques, thus it requires an experienced fashion photographer who takes pictures in artistic and glamorous manner.  Resemblance of a bride to a model of divine love in the photographs makes the bride more than just any other bride. This shoot provides sensually elegant, enchantingly sophisticated and incredibly creative pictures just like the editorials from the pages of a famous wedding magazine or paintings belonging to the walls of a gallery.

Fashion Wedding photography India Neeraj Agnihotri

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