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Does love fade away after marriage?

This question has struck all of us at some point of time. Even before people decide to tie the knot with their beloved. Does love evaporate with time?
I tried to conquer this question and emerge out with an answer. What I felt was a lot different from the question itself.

Love, it never evaporates or fades away or anything of that sort. Married or not that never matters. It is true that post-marriage the routine becomes monotonous and with increasing responsibilities everyday time for love vanishes. People have so many baseless wars, worries and tensions in their life that they even forget to show small gestures to their partners.
Love never dies, it’s just that it gets down on the priority list and other things take its place.

This is where things go wrong. Your married life starts collapsing not because love isn’t there but because of the youthfulness that is missing.
Every couple should try and go out of their ways to make their beloved feel special. They deserve it. The magic of 7 vows is often lost amidst your busy schedule.
If you cannot make time for them daily then at least once in a blue moon you must go back to your photo archives, call in your partner, both of you sit side by side and enjoy the old reminiscence by glancing through the photographs you’ve ever had, especially the wedding photographs. Watch your wedding video together from time to time. Relive your moments again and again.
That’s how you can rekindle the flame of love which isn’t dead, remember! It has just lost is direction, and needs to be brought back on track.
When I see old romantic couples, I understand romance doesn’t come with age, it has to be maintained since the beginning. Love and fidelity go hand in and.
Even the young teenage couples have it in them, they know how to love.

Time and people both change, but love remains the same. Isn’t that true.

No matter how busy you are with your daily chores. Always keep you beloved in the back of your mind. Strong relationships can never be jeopardized in a minute. Nurture you marriage, that’s how it works.

- Nishtha Kumar

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