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Celebrating The Vivaciousness Of A Punjabi Wedding

 Punjabis are known for their passion for life. This very nature of Punjabis is reflected in their wedding celebrations and which is what I witnessed in this wedding at Punjabi Bagh in Delhi. This wedding was a result of beautiful love story of Aanchal and Harsh. They had known each other from time immemorial and soon their friendship blossomed into love. They were in a long relationship, a relationship that was even longer than eleven years. They decided to get married and their family welcomed their decision with full support and enthusiasm. Even though the wedding was very ritualistic, it hasn’t missed the important element of fun and frolic. So many colourful and musical traditions formed the part of it. Vivaciousness combined with liveliness gave me various beautiful moments to frame. Aanchal’s fashion bridal portraiture shoot came out really stunning.

 Punjabi Wedding Delhi

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