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Capturing The Beauty Of A Traditional Telugu Wedding

After my arrival at Bangalore, there was an enthralling road trip to Anantpur waiting for me.  A journey via National highway 44 or National Highway 7, one that connects north india to south india, was as beautiful as the wedding destination Anantpur.  The region of Anantapur is a blend of modernisation and preserved ancient history in the form of ancient forts and pilgrimage spot. With so many hills forming a part of the region, it imparted the place even more scenic beauty. Not only had the cultural roots of the place fascinated me there, but also the people of that cultural place. They were warm hearted, polite and sophisticated. A conversation with anyone there was worth preserving.  I met with the young couple Hitha & Avanish there itself. Hitha was a bubbly, lively and full of energy girl, on the other hand Avanish was calm, composed and gentle. They both complemented each other well. The chemistry between the two was way too good and that reflected in all the images. They both seemed to enjoy each and every moment of their big day, and that’s what made capturing the day even more fun.


 Traditional Telghu Wedding

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