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An Oriya & Chhatisgarhi Wedding - Real life Two States

This is a wedding celebration of a couple who belonged to two very different states, a girl from Orissa and a boy from Chhattisgarh. The wedding destination was Bhilai, a very quiet place in the Durg district. The peace of the city was remarkable; very few people can be seen on the roads. Thus it proved a very good break for me form the hustle bustle of a busy metro life. As it was the story of two states, my camera got more than its share of exquisite wedding customs and traditions. It was a story of how a romance that had started in office, ended in wedlock of two people head over heels in love with each other. I first met Nivedita & Abhishek when they came to Delhi for a pre wedding shoot, and after around one month I got this fantastic opportunity to be a part of their big day. 



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