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Boudoir Photography – Bridal Boudoir/ Couple Boudoir

Boudoir photography is a shoot done by a fashion professional to capture your sexuality to thrill your partner or to thrill yourself. Bridal boudoir photography provides a very fun and exciting experience for a bride-to-be and also helps her to take some time out from wedding planning.

Nudity is generally implied rather than explicit. If you feel at ease in the presence of any friend, you can also bring her/him with you. This shoot is all about you and your comfort level.

Purpose – It serves many purpose.

1) Wedding Day Gift/ Anniversary Gift/ Valentine Day Gift - It helps in bringing your passionate and seductive side out. Surprise your partner with this personal gift that will forever remind him of your playfulness.

2) Celebrate Your Body – Explore your feminine side and document it with this shoot. Every woman of different shape, size and color is beautiful in her own way and this shoot will help you in confirming that.

Cost – Starting from INR 35,000.

Location – Studio, Hotel or your house (If you find yourself more comfortable there.).

Outfits – We highly recommend you to bring your own stuff because of hygiene purpose. Something that makes you feel sexy. Remember to keep something black and few other colors of your choice. 

Privacy - We provide our clients full rights in case of such photography. We publish only those photographs from boudoir shoots that are approved by our clients. 

Note - Though, in our work career expanding many years, we have not received even a single query for men boudoir (Dudoir) shoot but if you are looking for one; please get in touch with us. :D


Do you still have any doubt about your boudoir shoot? 


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