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Best Wedding Photography! Era of Fashion Inspired Candid Wedding Photography

Break free from the old style of traditional wedding photography. This is the time to move to the next level of Fashion Weddings. If you have always dreamt of getting married in India; but the thought that there are no fashion inspired wedding photographers here to give a high fashion look to your wedding is giving you sleepless nights. Now, you can relax as Neeraj Agnihotri and his team of “Absolute Fairytales” have introduced the concept of "FASHION INSPIRED WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY" in India after being recognized as one of the BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER IN DELHI, India. He has covered numerous weddings from  Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Chandigarh, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Bhilai, Raipur and other beautiful locations. 

This level of wedding photography borrows several unique fashion photography techniques, thus it requires experienced fashion photographer who takes pictures in very artistic and glamorous manner. Without interrupting any of the special moments of the day, it gives classy look to all of your photographs. After spending a decade as a documentary photographer, Neeraj Agnihotri knows the art of merging emotion into stylish moments. 



Premium Wedding Photography: Take it to the next level.

Fashion struck people of today need more than just the boring wedding photography. They want to see the flair of fashion even in their weddings as it forms an indispensable part of their day to day lives now. And wedding being the most awaited and the most special day, they dream of glamming it up to the fullest as fashion is no longer restricted to just the glamor industry these days. This is the day when they want to look no lesser than any celebrity.

 Neeraj Agnihotri is the only photographer that incorporates the elements of the fashion discipline in his photography. He understands very well the usage of lights and style quotient. He uses light not just to set the mood of the shoot but also to give the required depth to any image. It also adds the originality of concepts in his capturing style. 

This carves out the signature fashion inspired wedding photography or high fashion wedding photography style only used by Neeraj Agnihotri and his team of "Absolute fairytales". 

 In case you still have any doubt, feel free to get in touch with the team of "Absolute Fairytales". 


"The best compliment so far we have received is that these photos look like Hollywood and Bollywood posters, actually a lot better than those." - Happy Absolute Fairytales Bride

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